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Concrete is the main material that is used in many construction projects. It is a durable material that can withstand the elements and last for a long time. If you are looking for a concrete service provider to help you with your project, you can trust F&C Concrete LLC to help you. We are a team of concrete specialists in Cairo, GA.


Our Services

Concrete Work

Concrete Work

General concrete solutions are what our company offers. Whether it’s new house construction or renovation, our team can give you the supplies and labor for it. So if you ever need assistance when it comes to such tasks, don’t hesitate to call us.


Do you need proper sidewalks for your residential property, so you won’t have to use the main road anymore? Turn to our company since we specialize in sidewalk construction as well, so you won’t have to do it yourself.


If you have more outdoor space, you might try building a patio to make the area more relaxing. With our resources and experience, your house will have the patio that you’ve always desired, whatever the design is.


Some residential properties don’t have driveways, and if yours is one, then it’s wise to give our team a call. As a concrete specialist, it is also our job to build sturdy driveways for homes, so it wouldn’t be hard to drive in and out of your property every day.
Curve and Gutter

Curve and Gutter

If you want your home to have functional curves and gutter, build one today with the help of our team. Our attention to detail and proper resources help us build functional outdoor features that our clients need.


Many construction projects require blockwork, especially a house or a chimney. If you have that plan, you can still turn to us since we have the best team and proper materials to get the block construction or installation done.

F&C Concrete LLC

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Other Services

Another specific service we offer is house foundation construction. Before you construct a house or building, the a strong concrete foundation needs to be built first, so the property can last a long time. With our help, you can achieve that and complete your project smoothly.

Why Hire Us

It’s important that you hire us as your concrete contractor because our team is equipped with all the things that are necessary for concrete construction tasks. We have access to the best materials and we also use the most efficient techniques to ensure the success of the construction process. You will not be wasting time, money, and energy when you trust us.

How We Do It

Providing estimates is the first step we follow. This is because we want our clients to have an idea about the costs of the entire project, allowing you to prepare and not pay any more fees during the process. Then, we ready the materials and form the right team that can handle the job without errors or problems. With our procedure, all the money you’ve saved up will never be put to waste.

Other Service Areas

Our concrete construction services aren’t only available in your area, but in the neighboring locations as well. If you are in one of these areas, you can definitely hire us to do your concrete construction project.

  • Woodland, GA
  • Thomasville, GA
  • Fredonia, GA
  • Calvary, GA
  • Whigham, GA

For quality concrete construction work, hire F&C Concrete LLC. We are the concrete company you can trust in Cairo, GA. Call us to start your project now!

Client's Testimonial

by Julie Red on F&C Concrete LLC
Awesome Work as Always!

After building our driveway, I re-hired this concrete service provider to build my patio this time. I'm not disappointed by the result. Thank you! I will make sure the word about your service gets out.

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